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 =ASPIRA Clubs are hosted at all ASPIRA School Campuses and community schools to provide students with opportunities to help within their schools and communities. Clubs follow the ASPIRA National club curriculum. Youth Center staff are responsible for providing students with guidance and leadership to enhance their experience and ensure their collective club goals are met.

The goal of the ASPIRA Youth Development Curriculum is to build resiliency and leadership skills, positive identity and self-esteem through a comprehensive positive youth development program. Through this self-paced course ASPIRA seeks to help guide your future actions and development. As a participant you will develop knowledge of self and others in order to prepare for effective leadership through the exposure to a series of activities that promote healthy self esteem, identity, cultural awareness, positive academic skills, and organizational skills, among others.

The ASPIRA Clubs and The Youth Development Program (YDP) is the core program of ASPIRA. Through school-based leadership ASPIRA Clubs, students learn the ‘ASPIRA Process”​​​​​​​ of awareness, analysis, and action.

The program provides leadership training, cultural enrichment activities, and community action projects that teach students how to develop their abilities to become effective leaders of their communities. Each club is represented at the ASPIRA Clubs Federation (ACF), an assembly that convenes twice every month to discuss action-oriented activities for all clubs in their areas.


  • ASPIRA Antonia Pantoja High School
  • ASPIRA Business and Finance
  • ASPIRA Early College
  • ASPIRA Haugan Middle School
  • Lane Tech High School
  • Oak Park River Forest High School

For more information on the ASPIRA Clubs and how you can get involved contact: MDV@aspirail.org