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ASPIRA of Illinois – Leadership Through Education

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High School and Middle School Education

Enrollment open for school year 2023-2024
The ASPIRA Leadership Development curriculum places a high priority on the use of a student-centered, participatory project-oriented model.

Schools in the ASPIRA Network

Haugan Middle School

Provide a holistic approach to education while preparing our students for success in high school.
Grades: 6-8

Antonia Pantoja High School

Created with the philosophy that all students deserve a second, better chance at obtaining a high school diploma.
Ages: 16-21

Business & Finance High School

An innovative approach to college and career-readiness by offering students the tools to be successful in academics and business.
Grades: 9-12

Early College High School

This school offer a high quality education with a strong curriculum to prepare students to be successful in any college or carrer.
Grades: 9-12

ASPIRA of Illinois

A Little About Us

The ASPIRA Leadership Development curriculum places a high priority on the use of a student-centered, participatory project-oriented model. From its inception, the advice and recommendations of its participants have played a critical role in the development and creation of ASPIRA programs and activities.
Leadership Development

Our goal is to build resiliency and leadership skills, positive identity and self-esteem through a comprehensive positive youth development program.

Youth Development Center

Through school-based leadership ASPIRA Clubs, students learn the 'ASPIRA Process"​​​​​​​ of awareness, analysis, and action.

Student Focused

We are dedicated to elevating the self-esteem of all students through leadership development and fostering their personal growth by encouraging lifelong learning.

Service to the Community

We are committed to teaching students the value of improving the quality of life of others and learning to be compassionate and understanding

For more information about our school and how to enroll please provide us with the information below

Miguel del Valle

Youth Development Center

The Miguel del Valle Youth Development Center holds monthly activities where participants can network, build positive relationships, and have fun while volunteering on a project, learning the latest dance, engaging in cultural exchanges and celebrations, exploring Chicago’s communities, and working on college applications and financial aid. Our youth members also participate in leadership development activities such as the Back to School Celebration and the Atrevete (Dare to) Youth Leadership Conference.
Schools In the ASPIRA Network
Youth Development Center
Years of Developing Aspirantes
Antonia Pantoja’s Legacy

The ASPIRA Process

Pantoja, a social worker and researcher, after extensive research on youth, she developed an approach known as the ASPIRA Process and it remains the core of all ASPIRA activities.

Parent Academy

Our Goal is to provide on-going information, trainings, and workshops for parents on topics such as adolescent development, effective parenting, nutrition, financial management, community resources, etc.